in north yorkshire, East Yorkshire and Cleveland

in north yorkshire, East Yorkshire and Cleveland

Joyful Gardens

Creative Planting Design

I specialize in helping clients increase the beauty of their homes by creating joyful outdoor living spaces. 

Maybe you'd like to freshen up a border, bring in more seasonal colour or change a planting scheme. Maybe you'd like a complete garden makeover. I can help you have a joyful garden.   


Garden Masterclass

I enjoy working with people to help them understand their garden better. I can guide you through getting to grips with advice on jobs from pruning to seed sowing. Soil is the starting point of a great garden. Getting that right helps to ensure healthy plants. I can help with soil testing and ensuring you get the right plant for the right place.

Design Services

My goal is to enhance your outdoor space and make it somewhere you want to spend time, with family and friends.

Joyful Gardens can provide a complete design package including Garden Design, Planting Design and Drawings for your Landscape Contractor to complete the project.

About Emma

Emma Healey

Gardens have always been wonderful places to me, from my early years in my grandparents gardens to my own and many others in between. From flowers to veg to fruit I enjoy growing them all.

Recently the link between spending time outside in natural spaces and increased physical and mental health has become better understood and I think it's important to have a garden that works for you. 

Joyful Gardens

A space to relax in and be closer to the natural world. To experience the awakening of spring with early bulbs and dainty flowers giving way to the abundance of late spring and summer. Then as days shorten into autumn, the wonderful shades of foliage and architectural seed heads dusted with early frosts. In winter, evergreens to give structure and colour even on grey days. At this time of year scented plants bring a different dimension to the garden and the flowers provide food for insects on warmer days.

Together with years of experience in my own garden, training in horticulture to RHS Level 3 and a Diploma in Garden Design, followed by training with Adam Frost I can work with you to help you achieve a garden that makes you smile.

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